Laptop power supply repair

Posted by: dirt

My laptop's power supply cord has been slowly getting worse over the past couple of months.  The plastic coating around the wire had split and slowly had gotten worse.

broken powersupply

This is a pretty simple project to fix.  First I used a small hacksaw the seam in the middle of the power supply until I was all the way through the plastic.  Then at all four corners you need to insert a screwdriver and give it good twist until you hear the crack of plastic.  The cracking sound isn't from the cover itself, but some support plastic inside the power supply. In the picture below the support was attached at the black plastic between the PCB and the screws.  This secured the power supply shell to the power supply components inside.

I had to cut out the plastic strain relief, then I drilled out the power cord that was left

I connected the correct positive and negative together then used heat shrink tubing over the exposed copper.

Reassemble and epoxy back together.




$3 in supplies and it works like a charm.